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Church use policy

Download: Facilities Fee Schedule / Facility Usage Agreement

Terms and Conditions

  1. The church member renting the social hall must be present at the function or the rental deposit will not be returned and the non-member fee will be charged for the use of the facilities.
  2. Maximum capacity of Kuntz Hall is 160 people. Maximum capacity of Hanson Hall is 50 people. This limit is not to be exceeded.
  3. When children under the age of 18 are in attendance there must be adult supervision.
  4. Absolutely NO smoking and NO chewing gum in the church building.
  5. Confine all activity to the reserved area. Food and beverages will be confined to the social halls.
  6. No running or playing in the hallways, narthex, nave or the church.
  7. All heating and food preparation is to take place inside the kitchen of Kuntz Hall/Hanson Hall.
  8. You must supply your own paper products (cups, plates, napkins, plastic utensils, tablecloths, etc.) Use of church dishes, utensils, etc is prohibited.
  9. The dishwasher may not be used.
  10. If you are using a caterer, the caterer must provide a Certificate of Insurance to the office one week prior to the scheduled event.
  11. NO alcoholic beverages are allowed on church property under any circumstances.
  12. The burning of candles is prohibited.
  13. Music encouraging or suggesting violence, sex and/or offensive behavior is prohibited.
  14. "Smoke machines" may not be used.
  15. Do not fasten anything into the walls or hang anything from the ceilings.
  16. Remove all decorations and personal property after the event. The church is not responsible for lost or missing property.
  17. Do not sit / stand on table or stand on chairs.
  18. Tables and chairs must be lifted if being moved – please do not drag them across the floors.
  19. Any spills should be cleaned up immediately. If the spill is significant, there may be an additional charge to clean the carpet.
  20. No food may be left in the refrigerators or freezers.
  21. Facilities MUST be left in the condition they were found. Kitchen counters must be cleaned and equipment put away. Rugs are to be vacuumed. (There is a vacuum in Kuntz Hall kitchen closet).
  22. Trash should be collected and deposited in the outdoor trash containers.
  23. Be certain all windows are closed before leaving the building.
  24. Report all equipment malfunctions or other issues to the church secretary as soon as possible. Responsible parties are liable for any damages. The church phone # is 610-767-7203.
  25. All building usage and fees are under the discretion of Hope Lutheran Church congregation council which retains the right to approve or altar this form.

Rental Fees

Member RateNon-member Rate
Church Sanctuary Weddings
ChurchNo charge$500
Officiating PastorAt couple’s discretion$300
Kuntz Fellowship Hall
(non-religious activities)
$175(max 8 hrs)$300(max 8 hrs)
$100(max 4 hrs)$150(max 4 hrs)
Hanson Fellowship Hall (no kitchen facilities)
(non-religious activities)
$100(max 8 hrs)$150(max 8 hrs)
$75(max 4 hrs)$100(max 4 hrs)
Classroom Rental
(non-religious activities)
$25(max 4 hrs)75(max 4 hrs)
Outside Pavilion Rental
(non-religious activities)


A deposit of $75.00 is required to reserve the rental date. (Note: this fee is in addition to the rental fee). Upon clean-up and inspection of the facilities the $75.00 deposit check will be returned to the renter. Full rental fee is due one week before the rental date. If the renter is a member of Hope Lutheran Church and is not present during the function, the deposit will not be returned and the non-member fee will apply. (There is a vacuum in Kuntz Hall).

Revised 12/16/2015