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Youth Group FAQs

What is youth group?

Our name says it all! We are a group of youth (6th - 12th grade) who typically gather twice a month. This is an excellent place to make new friends of the same faith. We go on trips, host dinners, attend church services, and have lots of fun together. Come on out and give us a try.

Must I attend all events?

This is not a requirement of the confirmation program or of the church. You can come to any of the events that you choose to attend. If you need to leave an event early or come late, just let a leader know.

How do I sign up for youth group?

There isn't an official "sign-up" method for the general youth group. For those who are members of our church, there will be sign-up sheets for each event posted on our youth group board in the narthex when events are getting close. All you have to do is add your name to the sheet and show up. Otherwise, you can email our Youth Ministries Coordinator at youthgroup@hopecherryville.org.

Must I fill out any forms?

Yes. Any youth participating in a youth group event is required to fill out a permission form. This is an electronic form you can fill out right online. All permission forms are good for one school year and will need to be updated every year. Permission Form Link: https://forms.gle/yhB1BrgAWEYrjQPY7.

We love to go snowtubing, ice skating, laser tag and to other fun places! If an event outside of the church is scheduled, you may be required to fill out a waiver from the establishment we are visiting. Don’t worry, you will be informed ahead of time if this is the case

Must I sign my child in and out of youth events?

Yes. Due to safety reasons, any youth dropped off at an event must have a parent/guardian sign them into the event and out of the event. You may be asked to return if you miss the sign-in/sign-out process.

My child has their license, can they drive themselves to events?

Yes and No. Let’s clarify. Your child may drive themselves to our meeting place, whether this is at the church or another location for our event. After the event, they may not drive anyone home they did not originally bring to the event without permission from that youth’s parent/guardian.

If we are meeting at the church and driving somewhere as a group, your child must ride in the church van or with another adult leader who is 21 years or over. With your permission, they may meet us at our final location and drive home from there at the end of the event. However, if we are traveling as a group, we love having everyone join us in the van/cars for fun and fellowship during our trip!

Is it fun? Is everyone friendly?

We take in new youth every year! We always have a great time and once you are in the youth group, you are there to stay. The youth are very welcoming and take in everyone. Our congregation is also very supportive of the youth group. Still not sure you want to join? Talk to a youth group member!

Can I bring a friend who isn't a member of our church?

Sure! We welcome friends to most youth group events. Just be sure to sign them up too so we know how many supplies we need for events. Also, they need a permission slip as well. Their parent/guardian can fill out the same online form as a youth member of our church. Good news… they will be able to attend any of our youth events where guests are invited for the entire year! Permission Form Link: https://forms.gle/yhB1BrgAWEYrjQPY7.

Can I, as a parent, become a youth leader or volunteer to help with an event?

Absolutely! We love having parent volunteers and at times will ask parents to be drivers or chaperones for events. We do, however, require volunteer clearances for any adults (21 years and over). If you know, or think, you would like to help with youth group at any time, please let us know and we can start your clearance process. PS – this is free to you!

I have more questions. Who can I ask?

If you have any questions about Hope's youth group you can email our Youth Ministries Coordinator at youthgroup@hopecherryville.org or call the church office at 610-767-7203.

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